• Pleasure Drops

    Increase stimulation, go harder, faster and longer than ever before. Our range of pleasure drops can bring you to new levels of bliss!
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  • Intensity Creams

    Designed to increase stimulation, or delay your climax. Can help bring the intimate body areas to heights of erotic joy.
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  • Stimulating Sprays

    For remarkable peaks in erotic excitement and pleasure. Our products can result in a significant boost to intensity and duration of your orgasm.
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  • Desire, Stamina & Performance Caps

    Nutritional supplements that can stimulate as a result of specially selected ingredients. Increase your desire, stamina and performance!
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  • proRINO

    An age old Chinese formula. Has been used for centuries with great success in China. Can be a valuable and effectiveremedy for premature ejaculation.
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    PHEROMONES are sexual attractantswhich are emitted by humans to attract the oppositesex. These scents serve as the biochemical communication between living beings. Examples are aphrodisiac pheromones or sexual lures.
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